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Mod-Lites – 6/1/13
Mod-Lites – 6/1/13
POS Car # Name
1 24 Mike Martin
2 75 Chaz Baca
3 19 Anthony Platt
4 x John Priest
5 55 Nick Gann
6 30 Lexus  Gann
7 26 Cody Taylor
8 57 Kyler Repella
9 52 Brenden Priest
10 21 Jimmy Terstriep
11 5 Dallas Caldwell
Mod-Lites – 5/4/13
Mod-Lites – 5/4/13
POS Car # Name
1 35 Chaz Baca
2 24 Mike Martin
3 X John Priest
4 52 Brenden Priest
5 19 Anthony Platt
6 28 David Levitt
7 21 Jimmy Terstriep
8 30 Lexus Gann
9 57 Kyler Repella
10 67 Barry Levitt
11 26 Cody Taylor
12 55 Nick Gann

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Racing starts: 6:45pm

*race and gate times may vary depending on season.

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