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DDCC DWARFS 10/19/13
DDCC DWARFS 10/19/13

1. 17   Brian Steher

2. 16  Jim Hock

3.  21  Allie Zeppin

4. 99   Rob Deins

5.  10   Helen Henesey

6. 47  Steve Kapan

7. 9  Glenn Branham

8. 72  Justin Murphy

9. 12  Pat  Henesey

10. 88   Ed Schuhle

11.  81  Jeff Eckhart

12. 53  David Sires

13.  23  Tim Odonald

14. 75  Tony Miele

15.  11 Heather Henesey

16. 33  Shannon Ivan

17. 69  Eddie Oneal

18 63 Rick Hasse

19 43 Tim Cotherman

20. 9  Randy Deins

21. 90 Elaine Deines

22. 45  Jeffery Schoeb

23. 61 Roy Gibson

24. 60  Richard Kemp


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