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X-MOD Points
1 188AJ Huebner373
250FBrandon Farrington338
388CBrian Clark327
48SChris Spurr312
544Christy Georges300
67Butch Mc Cleskey296
782Sherman Barnett263
844KKelsie Foley251
947Ed Smith246
1024DDaniel Doherty237
11T53Aaron Williams225
1225Mike Gonzalez216
13520Jessie Tellez204
1420AAlex Gonzalez203
1598Ron Bishop200
163Austin Stewart194
1757Dylan Newburg180
1830Dusty Gauthier171
1922HDuane Hogan138
202CChris Andrews136
2114Ricky Whitwell132
2244WEric Winemiller127
2347Larry Renfrow123
2429CKeith Lopez122
253GJake O'Neil103
265Ron Schriener87
273GTerry Churchwell70
2867Billy Williams54
2967Nick Brice52
Shannon Briscoe45
316Dennis Lickliter45

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