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Hornets Points
1.1John Callins195
2.21XTish Hiestand184
3.13Beckie Grube182
4.96Brandon Cunningham158
5.88AAustin Ward154
6.11Thomas Delaney146
7.2Jennifer Hall146
8.22Kaitlin Crawford140
9.57Nathan Renfrow138
10.XXNorm Midkiff95
11.68Art Merideth87
12.7David Doyle87
13.23Ken SandRock81
14.98SRonnie Bishop81
15.38ZJerome Zane76

Track Hours

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Tuesday- Friday



Race Times

Pit Gates: 3:00pm

Front Gates: 5:30pm

Racing starts: 6:45pm

*race and gate times may vary depending on season.

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Feels like 81°F

84°F / 61°F
Tomorrow Tuesday Wednesday
90° / 63° 93° / 61° 86° / 52°

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